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Things You Must Master By 2018 

Here are my recommendations focused on strategy, digital marketing and creativity – all professionals and agencies must adhere for 2018 if they are conscious about growing digital in their business. 1. Micro-Moments The moments where customers make their preferences and decisions are very important today….


Basic Attention Token 

The Basic Attention Token is not digital currency, not a form of money, it’s a project to clear the market of middlemen and those who are fraudulently marketing their services, to help others advertise. It’s essentially “a decentralized, open source and efficiently blockchain-based digital advertising…


Brave New World 

Web browsing is 100% universal, which makes the use of it very important based on information, security, and usefulness. The common ones used are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Browser, and Safari. These browsers are either aligned to a major software developer or independent that can…


Why Go Mobile First

Mobile first has truly become a trend in the design and development communities. However, what exactly mobile first means to say? This is clearly understood as both a new way and strategy of writing code. This has now becoming popular because it finds more improved…


Human Centered Design 

Essential Things to Keep in Mind Have you ever encountered the term human-centered design? This actually fuels the creation and development of products that resound more deeply with the audiences. This therefore drives growth and engagement. Companies like Fab, Warby Parker, Pinterest and AirBnB are…


Experiential Marketing 

More and more companies are turning to experiential marketing. It’s about allowing customers to experience the brand’s promise and message. Experiential marketing sells products offering experiences and experiences serving as products at the same time. Today, companies are investing more funds into experiential marketing. This…


Data Scientist 

Data Scientist and the Particular Skill Set You Need To Become One It took a long time for the era of Big Data to come. And, there is little doubt of the impact it has in the lives of so many people today. One way…


Ethereum, The Coin 

You might have heard about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and even Bitcoin. But what exactly is it? In a nutshell, blockchain technology be a platform that can be used to build various applications – of which cryptocurrency is one. And we all know how popular Bitcoin…


Relationship Driven Marketing 

People are known to change. They can access content from different devices. Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider is the experience they are gaining as the company grows, which is also responsible for changing their interest and needs. Despite these changes, marketers…


Systems & Design Thinking 

“Systems and Empathy” Design thinking is more about empathy. As you examine areas of inclusiveness and diversity in a very large multicultural organization, the specific focus doesn’t matter. This is since every concern can benefit from an empathy dose. This is where design thinking comes…



There are 180 internationally recognised currencies, and functioning alongside these are cryptocurrencies. A virtual and untouchable form of money. The first of these was bitcoin, although today it has many competitors. One such is Litecoin, the third largest cryptocurrency. Litecoin functions, much like its counterparts…


The Future of Ad Agencies 

What does the future hold for ad agencies? This is a common and increasingly urgent question being raised by lots of individuals today especially those who are in the advertising and marketing sector. With the increasing clients hunting for consultants, it cannot be denied that…



People from all over the world have been hearing about Bitcoin for the last few years. It is something that is said to give the buyer and the seller financial freedom if it is used wisely. However, there are many questions when it comes to…