Neuro Marketing is the only marketing method that can be backed up by the science of brain chemistry and psychology. Some people may attempt to sell the concept as new but the basic ideas were developed by Plato. Science has since proven Plato correct and the marketing tool has tremendous power because it is based on how people really think and respond.


Neuro Marketing works for you regardless of the type of marketing you do. The same ideas and methods work for face-to-face marketers as they do for smartphone marketing and social media marketing. The ideas allow you to get inside your customer’s head and make a presentation that is consistent with how your customer thinks about making a purchase.

The Concept

The basic concept of Neuro Marketing is that decisions to buy come in two forms. One form of decision making is slow and deliberate and involves the conscious thought process. The second form of decision making is fast and intuitive and involves the unconscious mind. The idea is to tailor your marketing to the second type of decision making.

Part of the science involved in Neuro Marketing comes from the measurement of brain activity using magnetic resonance imaging when people make one of the two types of decisions. Physicians and psychologists have proven that there are two decision pathways in the brain and that the chemical response is different depending on whether the decision is conscious or unconscious.


Naturally, smart and effective marketing opts for the emotional responsiveness found in the unconscious mind. People respond to how they feel much faster than they take the time to pause and think. You get more sales from feelings than from thinking.

The success of Neuro Marketing is predicated on a concept called the meme. A meme is a unit of cultural memory that is chemically stored in a person’s brain. The storage process takes less than three seconds. The stimulus can be any sensory input like sound, sight, touch, or smell. The capacity to produce this type of memory was probably essential to the survival of early man.


Neuro Marketing uses visual stimuli, stimuli that promote familiarity with a product, and stimuli that produce an urgency to buy or know more. Your potential client remembers your product, has a personal familiarity with your product, and feels an urgency to acquire what you are selling. You create these unconscious feelings by the choice of how you present your product.